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Documentário: Deepwater Horizon

Saudações jovens cientistas!

Após a visualização do filme aqui fica um breve documentário sobre o desastre na indústria petrolífera.

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Feira de Ciência

É tudo física!

Floating Hourglass Puzzle: famous physics puzzle- why does the hourglass not start rising right away? The glass only ascends after about half of the sand has transferred to the lower bulb. The hourglass is a normal glass timer, it is submersed in plain water, and the main tube has an inner diameter which is at least 2mm larger than the diameter of the glass. A simple physics property of the hourglass changes and explains this behavior. I'll post the answer in a few days. ANSWER: As the sand moves from top to bottom the center of mass of the glass changes. Initially the glass is top heavy and wedges against the walls of the cylinder where friction holds it down. Thanks for all the thoughtful and creative comments! ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info on where to get a version of this physics puzzle and many of the amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #physics #physicstoy #physicspuzzle #puzzle #buoyancy #hourglass #float #gravity #torque #force #friction #science #scienceisawesome #floatinghourglass

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Saudações jovens cientistas!

Aqui ficam algumas ideias para se irem inspirando para a Feira de Ciência!